Fit Me Forever Podcast

#42 - Framework of Change | Part 2

February 18, 2019 The OMNI FIT Season 3 Episode 4
Fit Me Forever Podcast
#42 - Framework of Change | Part 2
Show Notes

In today's episode we are talking about The Framework Of Change and what that looks like in your own fitness journey.

One of the most difficult pills to swallow is consistency. SO many of us struggle with trusting ourselves to execute our routines with confidence. 

Often times it’s not only about the end goal; but what you do to get there every single day. 

It’s okay to try something and realize it doesn’t work. It never means you’re failing. This is all about creating trust and gaining habitual skills that get you to your end goal!

Here's a few points that we cover today:

  • What skills do I need to reach my goals?
  • What does consistency look like?
  • What does success actually mean?
  • How can I surround myself with like-minded women?

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