Fit Me Forever Podcast

#38 - This Gets Personal

December 03, 2018 The OMNI FIT Season 2
Fit Me Forever Podcast
#38 - This Gets Personal
Show Notes

In today's episode we peel some layers back and get a bit personal.

Navigating life’s struggles and exciting events can make keeping your health at a priority a challenge. WE GET IT! This is exactly why we share what we do today. 

We get personal about the changes each of us has embraced this past year…the real, the beautiful, the tough, and sometimes raw.

No doubt, change usually involves others.

Whether it’s a new spouse, pregnancy, a new baby, raising a family, graduations, celebrations, friendships, career choices, health matters, aging parents…

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our personal journeys this past year
  • Our own struggles with perfectionism
  • How different responses lead to different actions in different seasons
  • How lifestyle habits can take attention off food, dieting, and your body
  • And ultimately how to keep the big picture of life in FOCUS
  • How you too can navigate nutrition and fitness in the midst of real life.

Will you let a Fit Me Forever lifestyle guide whatever change you face, so you can focus on real living? 

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