Fit Me Forever Podcast

#37 - Favorite Holiday Eating Strategies

November 05, 2018 The OMNI FIT Season 2
Fit Me Forever Podcast
#37 - Favorite Holiday Eating Strategies
Show Notes

In today's episode, we share our favorite quick and sparkling FIT ME FOREVER holiday eating strategies, so you can master mindful habits to navigate with ease the holiday food frenzy and still allow for the full enjoyment of family, friends, and holiday fun.

They say the best gifts come in small boxes.  What if small changes this holiday season gave you the freedom to wake up to a new year without facing the “idea of another new diet?” 

Well, these tips are part of the ongoing conversation we have here.

Here are a few points that we cover today:

  • #1 tip to overcome your biggest holiday challenge
  • How to experience food freedom without guilt or unwanted pounds
  • Simple decisions that get your mind off of the food
  • What about cocktails you ask?  We’ve got some tips for your there too

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